Heworth Fund Management (AFSL:472222, Representative No. 001 246 994) was founded in Sydney, under the strict Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Its aim is to achieve solid results year-on-year by investing in a diversified portfolio of real-estate development projects. Heworth Funds Management’s activities across Australia cover the development of residential site, commercial and retail properties acquisition and value-adding. Its main business model includes land acquisition, strategic joint-ventures, HLB funding and other lending. 

Heworth Fund Management has been and remains an active player in the Australian real-estate markets, earning a reputation for its ability to identify, secure and develop very sought after property sites. The main focus areas have thus far  been Eastwood Central, Epping, Ryde, and Manly - amongst other affluential areas in and around Sydney.


Heworth Fund Management offers investors access to such lucrative property developments, for which Heworth itself is an investor. Investors are offered a fixed return on their investment, with the rate being dependent on the fund to which they seek to place their investment in. In exchange, investors become unit holders in specific property developments and enjoy profitable returns, as well as the security of being unit holders. 

Heworth currently offers two classes of funds to its investors, being:  Pooled Fund and SPV Fund. The Pooled Fund refers to the portfolio investment fund, which is representative of investment into a combination of property projects. This is designed in said manner in order to promote a more stable and lower risk return.  The SPV Fund on the contrary represents investment in specific property projects, providing more specialised and higher returns.

Available within the Pooled Fund and the SPV Fund are two different classes of units, varying in their rates of return, risk and priority. As the names would suggest, Preferred Units take priority and are exposed to less risk, whilst Inferior Units rank behind Preferred Units and are exposed to projects with a higher level of risk. Returns on investment for the Preferred Units and Inferior Units are typically 7.4% and 16% respectively.


With an interest in mitigating risk for investors, and specifically in providing security for Preferred Unit holders, Heworth itself invests at least 20% of the entire capital requirement on a given investment in the form of Inferior Units. In doing so, Heworth offers Preferred Unit holders the peace-of-mind of knowing that their return is protected. Furthermore, at any time of distribution of funds, Preferred Unit holders take priority over Inferior Unit holders in rank and order. Such measures were specifically engineered in a manner so that capital injected in the Inferior Units act as a safety-net and form of guarantee for payment of returns to the Preferred Unit holders.

Heworth Fund Management Pty Ltd, AFS Licence No. 472222, Representative No. 001 246 994