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Safe and secure overseas investment channel

Solid and reliable cooperation with many Australian and Chinese financial institutions ensures a secure, safe and efficient way for overseas investors to invest in Australian projects with Chinese currency. 

Professional investment management team

Heworth Fund Management hosts a professional investment team, undertaking financial diligence and market research, with an aim of consistently identifying market trends and patterns. Further, with an experienced project management team, Heworth is also responsible for post-investment management, essential for protecting investor returns.

Efficient risk control

Through the HLB model, Heworth Fund Management is able to effectively control every stage of the property development process, including: acquisition, funding, draw-downs, construction and recovery of loaned monies. Heworth is able to be entirely involved in the development process, monitor projects timely and identify and prevent potential risks utilising corresponding strategy.

Strict compliance with ASIC and other regulatory bodies and agencies

Operating under the legislative and regulatory compliance conditions of the Australian financial services markets, Heworth Fund Management is obliged to undertake its operations in a manner that is compliant with said restrictions and standards. Furthermore, Heworth Fund Management holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (Heworth Fund Management Pty ltd, AFS Licence Number 472222) and is bound to continually operate in compliance with the associated strict guidelines imposed. 

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