HLB stands apart from other lenders thanks to its unique lending model. Specifically, HLB offers the ability to provide funding for all elements of a property development, including: acquisition/refinance, equity relief, construction and/or mezzanine. Furthermore, apart from providing the funding, HLB is also able to offer the construction servicing component.


Such elasticity gives HLB the following benefits:

  • Speed in funding:

    HLB prides itself on its ability to provide funding very efficiently, as a result of its available funds and experienced team. Whilst larger funding outfits, including banks, can take months to consider an application, HLB can assess and issue funds on a given project in a matter of days. 


  • Speed on build:

    HLB’s construction funding is designed in a way to minimise wastage of time in the draw-down process, thus allowing much more efficient building – in time and expense. This ultimately reduces the lifespan of a project, meaning developers pay less interest and are out of a project, and the associated risk, quicker.


  • Flexibility:

    HLB’s model is not rigid and thereby allows it to be flexible in its approach to potential property projects, including funding and JV opportunities. This ultimately means that HLB has no set 'rules' or 'lending requirements' that so often restrict traditional lenders. Rather, HLB considers each project on its own unique merits. 



Property owners and developers alike can take comfort in knowing that the HLB team speaks the same language and understands and accommodates specifically to the unique attributes of each property project, as well as the associated borrower and/or proprietor.

Importantly, the HLB team consists of both finance professionals and experienced property industry figures. The HLB therefore understands the complexities that often present themselves with property transactions, as well as the fact that no two property projects are the same. With such an understanding, HLB takes the time to assess each property project on its own merits, as opposed to applying often ill-guided general lending guidelines to all property projects assessed.



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