HashChing unveils digital marketing tool

The mortgage broker platform has launched a digital marketing service aimed at helping brokers with building their online presence.

HashChing has launched DigiBroker as an “all-inclusive” service, which assists brokers in different areas of creating an online presence, including hosting domains, designing custom broker websites, and providing marketing tools.

Commenting on the launch of the service, HashChing CEO Arun Maharaj said the aim was to provide brokers with resources in one location, particularly amid the uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis.

“At HashChing, we understand the importance of building and maintaining an online presence for brokers,” he said.

“With the pandemic acting as a catalyst for the digitisation of services, it’s now vital that brokers have access to a broader range of clients through online growth and website traffic. That’s why we’ve created DigiBroker, to give brokers the best chance of success in this new digital-first era.

“DigiBroker is designed to give brokers all the marketing essentials to develop an effective online presence and build their brand.”

The marketing platform also includes customer-produced videos to enable brokers to advertise through a visual medium across their online platforms, and allows brokers to create what HashChing calls a “digital showcase”, including live and animated videos.

“We know just how important brand image is, and understand how critical it is for brokers to stay connected to customers through easily accessible online channels and communication features,” Mr Maharaj said.

It’s not easy to run a successful mortgage broker business, and from speaking with our customers, we know it’s difficult to find marketers who understand our industry. DigiBroker will provide brokers with every component needed for ultimate brand awareness and engagement, and will give brokers a competitive advantage through cutting-edge digital marketing tools.”

The service also provides brokers with access to brand redevelopment, including logo design, brand typography, banners for social media, and business cards.

DigiBroker includes an SMS service for brokers through the HashChing dashboard to enable them to manage client communication and workflow without needing to operate multiple platforms.

The service includes a range of packages for different broker business needs and budgets.

“We know 2020 hasn’t been the best year for mortgage brokers. The winners in today’s environment will be those brokers that leverage technology to work both the customer side of the equation and internal operations,” Mr Maharaj said.

“The launch of DigiBroker is the natural next step for HashChing in providing a one-stop shop solution to help our brokers achieve their true potential.”

From: The Adviser

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